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TITLE: Frostbite
AUTHOR: Goodfeelsforbadguys
GENRE: Dark erotica
FIC SUMMARY: What you find in the woods on a cold winter’s night leaves a lasting impression. God flesh. Devil flesh. You don’t particularly care.

Another sleepless night had found you out for a walk in the snowy dark. You had hoped that some exercise would wear you down, but it only led you to wander. Aimlessly. Just around the neighborhood at first, under the streetlights, then onto a foot path that some neighborhood kids had carved into a wooded area at the end of a dead-end street. You had never taken the path before, but you could easily assume that it hadn’t been traveled upon since late in the summer. Overgrown brush and dead branches made the pathway narrow, but you continued onward.

It was even darker now and well past midnight. You’d heard a bit of commotion a few yards off the path and spotted a group of deer that you must have disturbed. They darted through the trees and you watched them wander off, stopping to crane their necks at you every so often once they were further off into the dark woods. Your eyes had adjusted quickly to the darkness and the brightness of the snow made them a great deal easier to spot from far off.

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